7 Memorial Ideas To Commemorate Loved Ones

There’s nothing harder than losing someone you love, but unfortunately it’s a time where you have to make some big decisions, especially if the person in question hasn’t decided whether they want a burial, a direct cremation or some other kind of service. Once the funeral and so on have…...

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Top Reasons To Choose A Cremation Over A Funeral

Dealing with how to lay your loved one to rest is a very difficult and sensitive subject, but it is one everyone will have to face at some point in their lives. That is why it is a good idea to learn more about the different options available to you.…...

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How To Choose A Cremation Urn

Something to bear in mind after you’ve sorted out affordable cremation for your loved one is what kind of urn you want to keep the remains in afterwards. A lot of the time, people do decide to scatter the ashes and aren’t especially concerned about the kind of receptacle but…...

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Will Wales Run Out Of Burial Space Soon?

Those of you in Wales thinking about sorting out your funeral plans and mulling over whether prepaid cremations might be the way to go may well decide this is the right path after hearing that the country could soon run out of burial space. Speaking to the BBC, Alex Glanville…...

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Where You Live Can Affect Funeral Costs, Report Reveals

Death is an expensive business, so it would seem, but interestingly it depends on where you live as to how much your funeral will cost you, family and friends. New research from funeral plan provider Avalon has revealed that while the national average for a burial in 2017 was £6,916…...

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