Will Wales Run Out Of Burial Space Soon? 6th April 2018

Those of you in Wales thinking about sorting out your funeral plans and mulling over whether prepaid cremations might be the way to go may well decide this is the right path after hearing that the country could soon run out of burial space.

Speaking to the BBC, Alex Glanville of the Church in Wales explained that people shouldn’t simply take for granted that they’ll be buried in their local community any more, since numerous cemeteries have now run out of plots and some are even now closed to new burials.

Cardiff Council has now agreed to spend millions on a new cemetery that will be able to provide burial space for the next 35 to 40 years, but BBC Wales research shows that the situation is not confined to the capital and other councils are now considering how best to tackle the shortage of burial space in the future.

Chief executive of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management Julie Dunk said: “Because of the pressures on land, due to new developments and housing, it is not always possible to find space for a new cemetery.

“Even if they do build a new cemetery, the existing one still needs to be maintained, which is the council’s statutory duty, because there are no new burials it becomes a financial burden on the local authorities.”

An alternative to burial is cremation, which still allows family and friends to say goodbye and pay respects but without the worry of having to find a burial space somewhere. Increasingly, people don’t want to have such formal burials in any case and if this applies to you, cremation would be worth looking into.

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