Rising Number Of People Crowdfunding For Funeral Costs

It’s no secret that the cost of funerals in the UK has been steadily climbing, to the point that many people struggle to find the money to cover the cost of a funeral for a loved one each year. Aside from adding considerable stress at a time in their lives…...

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Have You Discussed Your Funeral With Loved Ones?

Talking about what you want to happen when you die and how you’d like your funeral to be planned can seem like a morbid topic of conversation, but it’s actually very liberating to share your wishes with those you’re closest to. From 14 to 20 May was Dying Matters’ Awareness…...

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How Does Obesity Affect Funerals?

Obesity here in the UK appears to be a growing problem, with facts from Obesity Action showing that one in three adults are currently obese – a 380 per cent increase in the last 30 years from the eight per cent of obese adults recorded back in 1980. Each year,…...

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What To Consider When Planning A Cremation Service

Arranging a wake can be very overwhelming, with loved ones having to cope with very raw grief at the time. There are lots of thing to plan, which can feel very stressful, so we’ve put together a checklist of what to do when arranging a service.   –  Check for…...

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