Rising Cost Of Funerals Outstrips Cost Of Living Increases 4th July 2018

New research has found that the cost of dying now outstrips the cost of living. The Scotsman shared figures from Beyond, a funeral services comparison site, which showed that the cost of living has climbed by a cumulative 7.67 per cent since 2015.

However, in the same time period, the cost of cremation has climbed by 17.6 per cent, while the cost of burial is up by 19.9 per cent.

The news provider also noted that almost 80 per cent of people in the UK are now cremated when they pass away.

Co-founder of Beyond James Dunn said that in the areas with the highest cremation costs, there are typically few crematoriums, with the lack of competition leading to higher prices for people living in these areas.

“Competition and transparency are going to be key over the next few years if the costs of cremations and burials are going to be prevented from rising unchecked,” he told the news provider.

Mr Dunn added that, because people in the UK don’t feel comfortable talking about the price of funerals, there is low awareness of how much things should cost, as well as what all the options are.

Many people, for instance, may not be aware of direct cremation, which is a much more affordable way of holding a cremation when someone passes away. For families struggling to cover the cost of a more traditional funeral, this could be a good option to consider.

Cremation is still a much cheaper option than burial, with the national average cost of a burial plot £1,838, while the average cost of cremation in the UK is £784. Of course, this doesn’t include any of the additional expenses associated with funerals, which means they typically run into the thousands of pounds.

It’s something that it could be worth thinking about and planning for to ensure your family isn’t left with a bill that they’re unable to pay.

In May it was Dying Matters’ Awareness Week and the organisation wanted to use the opportunity to encourage more people to talk to their loved ones about their death and what wishes they have for their funeral.

The organisation explained that by having these conversations now, when you’re well and able to discuss things with your loved ones, you can ensure that you get the death you want. You will also make the process of organising your funeral much easier for your family if you have clearly stated your wishes.

At a time when they’re going to be dealing with their loss, having this clarity can be really beneficial for your relatives and close friends.

Dying Matters also wants more people to get involved in their community to provide support for those struggling with bereavement. This could involve volunteering at a local hospice, or offering to spend some time helping at a bereavement support group in your area.

This can also help break down the taboo about death and mean that more people feel comfortable discussing their wishes for their funeral with their loved ones.

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