Where Can You Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes? 25th July 2018

Making the decision to opt for an affordable cremation is an easy one for some people, as they may have always thought about where they want their loved ones’ ashes to be scattered.

However, before you open the cremation urn, it is important to check what the rules are on scattering ashes to make sure you are not breaking any.


Laws on ashes

There are no strict laws on where you can or cannot spread ashes. However, if you want to place them on private land, you need to seek permission of the owner first.

Many people might want their ashes to be scattered on their favourite football ground. However, this is at the discretion of the club or owner.

Being put to rest at sea is also a popular request, but if your loved one’s favourite spot was an inland river or lake, you will need to contact the local Environment Agency first. If there is a nearby water supply or it is a popular swimming or fishing area, you might not be able to.

What’s more, if you plan to throw wreaths or flowers into the water, you cannot use plastic ones as these are bad for the environment. Placing flowers in the water as you release the ashes is popular, as it enables you to visually watch the flow of the water away from you, and is a poignant way to mark the moment.

If you want your relative or friend’s final resting place to be the sea, you do not need to have a permit if it is more than five miles from the shoreline. Should the burial take place closer to land than this, it is wise to tell the local Environment Agency.


Popular places

Choosing where to scatter ashes is a very personal decision, and you could pick a location that is very specific to the deceased, such as their favourite reading spot or where they loved to holiday.

However, some popular locations include sports stadiums, National Parks, and back gardens.

It is worth bearing in mind that even if you release the ashes in your own yard, you should check you have the right to visit if you sell the house in the future, as you might find you are not allowed access and, therefore, will not be able to see the final resting place in years to come.

Cemeteries are also common areas for releasing ashes. However, you have to ask permission where to scatter them, as some have specific locations for this. Most often, it is a picturesque area of the graveyard, such as a rose garden, so it is nice for loved ones to visit in the future.


All around the world

If you cannot decide on a single location to scatter your loved one’s ashes, you can always divide them and release them in different places.

Some mourners like the feeling of having their loved one near to them wherever they are, instead of in just one location. For others, it is the opportunity to include many people all over the world in cremation ceremonies.

Those who have spent their life with the deceased might simply want to be able to take their loved one with them wherever they go, and feel as though they are still always with them.

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