Did You Know The Funeral Director Industry Isn’t Regulated? 15th August 2018

Because they deal with matters of such deep importance, there are no doubt many people out there who simply assume that funeral directors in the UK are regulated – but a new report has in fact just revealed that 92 per cent of people in Britain do not know that there are no minimum standards enforcing how these professionals operate or care for the deceased.

Funeral Provider Dignity’s Time to Talk About Quality and Standards publication revealed that, although the vast majority are unaware that the sector isn’t regulated, 80 per cent are in favour of it across the industry.

Family members and friends of those who have passed away expect directors to adhere to industry standards or be regulated by government, but many – 53 per cent – assume there are common standards in place for facilities. And 55 per cent think there are standards in place for training in order to make sure that their loved one is cared for properly.

Currently in the UK, there are around 7,000 funeral directors who carry out more than 600,000 funerals every year – which just goes to show how very important regulation may well be, particularly considering people assume it is already in place.

The report also revealed there to be an alarming range of standards when it comes to caring for the deceased. A retired doctor who took part in the survey explained that he had seen cadavers “stacked inside a big fridge at times and two bodies in one space if it is busy in the smaller cramped places. It would be awful if customers knew their loved ones were being stored in this way”.

Head of insight at Dignity Simon Cox commented on the findings, saying: “Without regulation or a system of independent inspections, it’s almost impossible for people to understand the difference in quality between funeral directors. This is particularly important given our research shows 79 per cent of mourners only consider one funeral director, and do not shop around.”

However, it’s not just regulation of the industry that people have to be concerned about these days – the very cost of funerals can be incredibly distressing at what is already an emotional and turbulent time.

Further research, this time from Over50choices, revealed that one in five people here in the UK would prefer to have direct cremation instead of a more traditional funeral in the next five years… perhaps because they’re keen to avoid the astronomical costs involved with these more traditional services.

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