Funeral Trends For 2018 8th October 2018

When it comes to death, changes to ritual are slow on the up-take, but with the likes of direct cremation on the rise, we are really seeing the attitude to saying goodbye to our loved ones change rapidly in the modern world. When we talk about ‘trends’ in funerals, we’re not talking so much about novelties and passing fancies, but rather the new ways in which people are choosing to enact these rituals – and the Metro has rounded up some of the biggest changes in funerals that have shaped this year.  

The first big trend might not be news to anyone, but there’s been a definite move away from attendees wearing black to a funeral. In previous decades, it would have been extremely disrespectful to wear anything but, but nowadays, there’s a push towards dress codes which look to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. An idea such as wearing their favourite colour is a popular one, as is the likes of a theme inspired by favourite football teams and more. As we come more open and talk about death a lot more in society, this move seems to be a way of suggesting to loved ones that instead of a death being mourned, a life should be celebrated.  

According to The Metro, technology is also playing a much larger part in funeral services. In some instances, it can be a powerful tool – especially for family and friends who live a long, or expensive, way away, who may not be able to make it. This could be especially useful for elderly people who are unable to make the journey to a funeral but want to pay their respects. The question is, how would you and your family feel about ‘live-streaming’ a funeral service, which is one of the last safe bastions from social media?

Gifts are also becoming more of a thing at funerals, according to The Metro, however, far from lavish wedding presents, this is a focus on small, sentimental objects that have meaning and relevance to loved ones now that this person has passed away, all in the aim of keeping the memory of the deceased alive.  

While alternative burials have always been on the periphery of funeral services, it’s the likes of direct cremation which is becoming a much more considered approach. Eliminating the pomp, and therefore a lot of the expense, of traditional ceremonies, the body is committed to cremation immediately, and a service is had with the ashes alone. This gives a lot more flexibility to the kind of service that can be held, and something that should be stipulated in a will if desired.  

With this, more unusual types of transport could also be considered. Direct cremation means no hearse is required, and there’s a growing trend to alternative transport which sums up the person’s life. They may have been a car fanatic, a motorbike lover, or just loved the colour green – there’s something that can be adapted to you or your loved one’s life easily in this field.

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