Average Funeral Funding Help Just £983 25th October 2018

It’s perhaps not something that you like to think about, but have you considered just how you might meet the costs of a funeral of a loved one if they didn’t have any pre-arranged payment plan in place?

Chances are, given that the average cost of a full funeral these days is now around £4,000, you will need some kind of financial help to meet all the costs involved with putting on a send-off – but SunLife’s Cost of Dying report has now revealed that the average funeral funding received is £983.

And this amount is not enough to cover even the cheapest option for funerals, with families having to find more than £2,559 in order to meet the costs.

Given that less than half of us have enough in the kitty to pay for our own funerals and 38 per cent leave nothing behind whatsoever for family members to pay for the ceremony, having these difficult conversations about death may be wise so you can find out whether you would be expected to pay out if someone close to you died.

Director of marketing with SunLife Ian Atkinson had this to say on the matter: “SunLife’s research shows how important it is to plan for your own funeral, but you don’t have to spend thousands.

“Almost half (47 per cent) if those surveyed said they would consider direct cremation for their own funeral – the cheapest option – so it is important to plan for your funeral, both in terms of what you want and how you are going to pay for it. That way you can ensure you get the funeral you want and that family and friends are not left to pick up the bill.”

Direct cremation is an option where the body is cremated in the days following a death, without a funeral service being put on beforehand. This is the most affordable way to hold a send-off for a loved one. No family or friends are present for the cremation and a very simple casket is typically used. If requested, the ashes are then returned to the family.

Of course, you’re free to organise a ceremony or memorial of your own at a later date, but this is still sure to be far cheaper than holding a traditional full funeral.

Here at Easy Cremations, we’ve helped countless people who have opted for direct cremation over a traditional funeral and service, assisting them in arranging a cremation that meets their specific needs.

Our experienced and caring staff make sure your loved one is shown the same dignity and treated with the exact same respect that you would expect from a traditional funeral director, so if this is a concern of yours it certainly doesn’t need to be.

You are also able to attend the cremation, but note that there won’t be a service. There is also a small charge for cremation attendance.

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