Emiliano Sala Laid To Rest With Intimate Cremation Service

Footballer Emiliano Sala has finally been laid to rest at a private cremation, following his untimely death last month. The 28-year-old died while travelling from Nantes to Cardiff after signing for the Welsh side, when the plane he was aboard crashed into the English Channel. He had been sold for…...

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Do You Think Funerals Should Be Solemn Or Joyous Affairs?

Whether you decide to have an affordable cremation or a full funeral service for a loved one – or even for yourself, if you’re going down the pre-paid funeral route – it’s certainly worth thinking about whether you want the ceremony to be a solemn occasion (as tradition would perhaps…...

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Personalisation ‘Increasingly Popular’ For Funerals

No one likes to think about their own impending death and it can be a very tough conversation to have with loved ones, but sitting down to work out how you want your funeral to go and actually planning it out can really help those you leave behind at what…...

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