Personalisation ‘Increasingly Popular’ For Funerals 5th February 2019

No one likes to think about their own impending death and it can be a very tough conversation to have with loved ones, but sitting down to work out how you want your funeral to go and actually planning it out can really help those you leave behind at what will be a very difficult time for them.

New research has revealed an interesting new trend for funerals here in the UK, with a growing number of people now looking to hold truly personal services. The Co-op Funeralcare study found that in the last three years, there has been a rise in the number of requests for unique hearses (up 21 per cent), ranging from Land Rovers and rainbow themes to one even covered with 100 red poppies.

The most unique tributes over the last 12 months were found to be a magician funeral (with the coffin painted with a deck of cards and a broken wand ceremony), a fancy dress funeral (with a ninja turtle, Kevin the Minion, He-Man, Red Riding Hood and Scooby Doo all in attendance), and a McDonald’s funeral for a teenager (with the funeral precession going to a local store, going through the drive-thru and then parking up to let off balloons in the car park).

Director of funerals David Collingwood commented on the results, saying: “The trend really highlights the importance of planning ahead and having conversations with our friends and family about our wishes. Not only so that we take our final journey in the way we would’ve wanted, but also to alleviate some of the pain for our grieving families by removing those important decisions when the time comes.

Although we may want to see some level of personalisation at our own funeral, it seems that we’re not too fussed over having hugely lavish affairs. Recent research from SunLife revealed late last year that 97 per cent of us, in fact, don’t want to have a big fancy funeral, with 47 per cent opting to have a direct cremation instead.

No doubt cost has something to do with this particular trend, since the average funeral will set you back £4,721 but cremations cost just £1,712 on average.

What is important to bear in mind, no matter what kind of service you decide to go for in the end, is to try and leave some money behind for friends and family to meet the costs of your funeral or cremation. The SunLife study also found that just 59 per cent of people leave enough money behind to cover the entire costs of a service, which can make it difficult for loved ones at what will already be an emotionally fraught time.

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