Urgent Collection Cremations

Urgent Collection Service


Our low cost cremation packages include an urgent collection service. This includes collection from the home, a hospice or a nursing home. This is also available in and around England and Wales at any time, day or night. A simple wooden coffin is provided alongside a non-attended cremation. You may choose whether the ashes are scattered or returned to yourself. All doctors fees for certificates are included.

We are currently in association with Trees for Life.org therefore, for every Urgent collection service or prepaid plan we will plant a tree in the Caledonian Forest.

You can contact us today for more information, available 24/7 on our freephone 0800 998 9138 or email us on info@easycremations.co.uk

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If you would like to speak to use regarding our urgent collection service, feel free to contact us via our freephone, email or contact form. If you need to arrange a cremation or plan for the future get in touch today for friendly advice.

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