My relative has passed away, how can you help?

This is exactly what easy Cremations was created to do. We are available 24/7, and we can collect your relative from your home, a hospice, or a nursing home, at any time.

If the coroner is not involved we collect the deceased straight away if the death occurred at home, or at a nursing home or hospice. If the death occurred in hospital we will give you advice on the forms required before collection can take place. All you need to do is contact us and we will advise you on what happens next.

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Why is a cremation with Easy Cremations so much cheaper than a traditional funeral?

At Easy Cremations our charges are based on the work involved, staff time, transport costs, and charges passed on to us from other service providers such as the crematorium. We negotiate value for money prices with these service providers on your behalf.

We want to make the whole process as affordable as possible so money left by the deceased can go to where they intended it to go. This is one of the main benefits of a direct cremation with Easy Cremations. To discuss costs in your area contact us.

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Is a direct cremation a communal cremation?

In the UK the deceased will be cremated individually, and you will receive a certificate as proof this has happened and to confirm the identity of the remains

Why should I choose your direct cremation service?

Easy Cremations has helped many people who have chosen a direct cremation, rather than a traditional funeral with a service, to arrange a cremation that meets their specific needs. Our caring and experienced staff ensure the deceased is shown the same dignity, and treated with the same respect, that you would expect from a traditional funeral director.

Will I be able to collect my relative’s ashes?

Your relative’s ashes will be available for collection 4 days after the cremation from the crematorium. You can arrange to collect the ashes, or you can ask us to deliver the ashes to you.

Delivery will be at an agreed time within 28 days of the cremation.

What options do I have for my relative’s ashes?

Ashes can be scattered or buried at a location of your choosing. Many people get comfort from storing the ashes in an urn or a casket. There are new services opening up to offer more alternatives, such as turning ashes into a piece of jewellery, or sending them into the sky in a firework. There are many options, and you may want to consider which are appropriate for you, and the deceased.

Can I attend the direct cremation?

You can attend the cremation but there will not be a service. There is a small charge for attending which covers costs for the direct cremation taking place at a crematorium that you choose from our list of associated locations. The charge also covers additional staff time, and the provision of music you have selected. For more information, and details of the cost, contact Easy Cremations and our friendly staff will answer all your questions.

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Are the coffins reused?

Definitely not, in the UK crematoriums can only accept a body for cremation if they are in a suitable coffin. There are also rules forbidding the opening of coffins once received at the crematorium so a coffin cannot be reused.

Do you ever use cardboard coffins?

There are good reasons why we don’t use cardboard coffins. The resin left in the cremator from a cardboard coffin affects the efficiency of the cremation process, which means more gas is required. This need for additional fuel counteracts any environmental benefits from using cardboard coffins. As cardboard coffins are not as popular as wood coffins, they are more expensive and we would have to pass that cost on to our customers.

What kind of coffin do you provide?

We include a simple wooden coffin, which is suitable for a cremation with no service.

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Is it possible to pre-pay for a direct cremation service?

Prepayment of direct cremations is growing in popularity. There are many benefits to arranging a pre-paid direct cremation with Easy Cremations. There can be a great saving on costs as the price you pay will be the cost at the time you arrange your pre-paid cremation. That means more money is left to be distributed as the deceased wished it to be.

Pre-payment also makes things easier for the people left behind, as they can grieve and deal with their emotional needs rather than spending time organising a funeral.

Pre-payment of a direct cremation can be arranged with Easy Cremations. Contact us to discuss the benefits today and see how easy it is.

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